monograph by Dr. Reinhard Ermen for KUNSTFORUM international 231, Zeichnen Zur Zeit VII (2015)

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Artist statement, 2015


I am researching for the symbol which transcended time through the act of drawing.
When I was a child, I learned to draw a line with brush on paper from my grandfather and father who work as a calligrapher.
There are the rythmus by the movement of body and different temporal axis.
By the etching, the deepness of line is determinded by the time to bite a copperplate in acid.
When I draw the big circle which is mostly symbolized the Woman with Pigtails, I always have organic concioussness in the long process for the repetition of lines.
These creations for different line made my interest to the origin of the drawing and the script.
I came to pay more attention to the primitive line which exists in the nature, such as the line on the stone surface rubbed in the river, the form of light in the old cave, regulary roatating movements of planet and sun. When I have a look at these elements(phenomenon) which includes the enormous time inside, I always would like to cast my line as a moment of life onto them.
Form and line which is appearing and disappearing in this layer is the symbol which transcended time for me.






drawing project

exhibition view